Dennis Maina
Dennis Maina

Published on 26th October, 2022 (1 year ago) ● Updated on 26th October, 2022

How to create a React Application

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React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces and is used mainly to create applications that update and render efficiently. React Native, a core technology in React, enables you to build native mobile apps with React.

The major advantage of using React over other front-end libraries such as Vue or Angular is its declarative nature. This means that instead of defining the logic code in JavaScript or TypeScript files, it can be defined entirely in HTML or CSS. This makes it easier to understand what your app will look like when built out—and change how it looks as needed without having to write any additional code at all!

Step 1: Create a React Application.

To begin, you'll need to create a new React application.

    • Create a directory to work in. You can use the terminal or your favorite editor and type in:

bash mkdir my-new-react-project && cd my-new-react-project

    • Create a package.json file by opening your favorite text editor (such as Atom) and typing "npm init". This will ask for some information about how you want this project set up, including what version control system (GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab) it should be associated with and other settings like naming conventions and license agreements. Once done filling out these fields a new file called package.json will be created in the directory where we ran npm init earlier on screen!

Step 2: Install Dependencies.

Now that you have a project, let's install the React and ReactDOM modules.

    • Install the react package: npm install --save @react/addons-modules@latest

    • Install the react-dom package: npm install --save @ react/dom

Step 3: Run the application.

To run your application, you have two options:

    • npm start or yarn start

    • Running the application in the browser

    • Use npm start to run your app using Webpack's development server. This will allow you to see how it looks and feel before deploying it on Heroku or other hosting providers. The advantage of this method is that you can easily debug issues while they're happening rather than having them show up days later when it's too late! * To use this method, open a command prompt and navigate to where your webpack config file has been saved (usually at [YOUR WEBPACK PATH]/config) then type: `npm run build`. This will generate all necessary files for production use including stylesheets, scripts etc.. If there are any errors during compilation then these should be listed here along with instructions on how fix them

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces and is used mainly to create applications that update and render efficiently.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It's used mainly to create applications that update and render efficiently. It has its own virtual DOM, which means that the app doesn't need to re-render when something changes in the DOM. You can also use React with non-DOM components such as classes or functional components, but these have not been tested.

React is designed so that it can be used in any context: client side, server side or native apps (e.g., Cordova).


In this tutorial, you learned how to create a React application with the help of Yarn and Webpack. We covered some basic concepts and then discussed ways to package your application for production by using yarn build and webpack.

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