Why You Need Product Management
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Published on 29th July, 2022 (1 year ago) ● Updated on 15th October, 2022

Why You Need Product Management

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An introduction to what product management is, who does it, and why?

Product management is the job of looking after a specific product within a business.

It’s a role at the very heart of an organization that needs to balance the need to deliver value to your company (usually profit) with what customers want and what’s technically and operationally possible.

That means coming up with a product strategy, thinking about what to build (Product Development), and working out how to market and sell the product (Product Marketing).

Product management dashboard - Balanced view

What are the key aims of product management?

The 3 fundamental aims of product management are:

    1. Build once, sell many times – this gets the economies of scale that result in higher profitability
    2. Being an expert on the market as well as the product – this makes sure you build products that customers will buy
    3.  Lead within the business – with a balanced view across all the different aspects of the product

What is Product Management?

Why You Need Product Management

    • Sales, marketing and support will take the view of the customer, but they’ll view it through their own objectives and issues without an idea of what’s technically possible.
    • Engineering, technology and operations will want to build and often lack a strong understanding of the customer.
    • The executive team and the business will have goals and objectives that may not account for a strong enough voice of the customer or a full appreciation of the feasibility.


    1. We don’t have customers, we have citizens, members or something else.
      This doesn’t change the logic of needing the discipline of product management. Just focus them on the citizen (or member) rather than the customer.
    2. The customer or product is owned by another department.
      Some digital teams trying to implement best practice face the challenge of other departments having a product manager who owns the product, such as in a bank where a product manager owns the credit card. The discipline of product management is still needed within the digital team for digital products in these instances. The digital product is often the way the customer interacts or is enabled. Given the revenue and opportunities on the line, it’s worthwhile investing in ensuring the digital component of the offering is as best as it can be.
    3. But we already have a project manager looking after XYZ initiative or system.
      Product management is heavily focused on ensuring you do the right work, whereas project management is heavily focused on ensuring the work is done right. They are complementary roles, both needed for successful outcomes.

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